Cement Mortar Lining (CML)


Introduction about the Industry:

The internal cement mortar lining provides protection to the pipeline in two ways. First, it is a “cement pipe within a steel pipe”. Second, by creating a “Zone of Alkalinity”. This “zone” between the cement lining and the pipe wall, neutralizes the corrosive properties of the liquid medium and blocks corrosion of the pipe wall. As a result effect, the “Zone of Alkalinity” serves as a second layer of defense against internal corrosion. Unlike other types of internal linings, which allow pipe corrosion to spread down the line once they are chipped or damaged in any spot, the cement lining prevents corrosion from spreading along the pipe wall.


Cement Mortar Lining (CML) is a centrifugally applied continuous lining of dense Portland cement mortar with a smooth and uniform finish. This product was developed to provide an economical form of internal corrosion and abrasion protection for potable water pipes.



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