Heat Shrinkable Sheets


Heat shrinkable sheets are used to cover the welding areas between any two pipes in order to make sure that no corrosion is permitted in the area of welding and this to ensure to full protection of the pipes.

Future Iron Pipes recommends the use of these sheets since the moisture penetration to the pipes is a very costly issue to the water lines and a costumer can request this type of sheets at the facility.

Basic Installation of Shrinkable Sheets:

• Clean the area at which a penetration has occurred with steel wire brush, including 10 cm of the PE coated pipes ends.

• Heat the pipe with a gas burner to 70-75Co.

• Apply the shrinkable sheets and make sure to press the sheet all over the pipe while heating the sheet and then heat the adhesive layer at the ends of the sheet.

Advantages of shrinkable sheets:

• Field friendly.

• No high pre-heat required.

• Easy to install.

• Low cost.

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